Solartherm Warranty

The warranty provided, only applies to the Solartherm Solar Pool Heating System and components as listed below. Solartherm International Pty Ltd (A.B.N. 44 096 382 759) provides the following limited warranty for materials and workmanship of the Solartherm Solar Pool Heating System:

Solartherm Insert

  1. The Solartherm Insert carries a 10-year full replacement warranty (insert only, excluding labour and freight) against any manufacturing defects or cracks in the Solartherm Insert.
  2. This warranty is not transferable and will apply to the first purchaser only.
  3. Only Solartherm Inserts installed by approved Solartherm installers or installed following our suggested installation method and fittings are covered by this warranty.
  4. Warranty will be VOID if:
    1. The Solartherm insert is subject to willful damage, misuse, vandalism, and or accidental damage.
    2. Modifications have been made to the Solartherm insert.
    3. The Solartherm insert is installed in a manner that does not comply with the installation recommendations.


  1. The obligations and liabilities of Solartherm International Pty Ltd, under this warranty are limited to those of the Solartherm Solar Pool Heating System only.
  2. Solartherm International Pty Ltd is not liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damage, loss or disruption, as a result of System failure or improper installation.
  3. No other company, person, or organization of any kind, is permitted to accept any claim on behalf of Solartherm International Pty Ltd unless authorized in writing to do so.
  4. Due to ongoing development, the Solartherm panels may be improved and changed from time to time. Solartherm International Pty Ltd is under no obligation to supply those improvements or changes to any existing Solartherm Solar Pool Heating Systems.
  5. This warranty is non-transferable and applies solely to the first purchaser of each individual System.


Solartherm solar controller is covered by a limited 3 year warranty against component failure or faulty workmanship from the date of installation. Faulty unit should be returned in the first instance to the dealer or reseller from which the unit was purchased. Damage to the unit due to misuse, power surges, lightning strikes or installation that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction may void the warranty. Valves and actuators are covered by a 12 month warranty at the discretion of their manufacturer(s). Warranty does not cover travel costs to or from installation site.

Circulating Pump
Manufacturer's warranty applies on the motor and parts only (excluding labour and freight)
SPIND Fittings
12 months warranty and cover parts only (excluding labour and freight)
Polycarbonate Cover
24 months full replacement warranty (excluding labour and freight)
Aluminum Box
5 years full replacement warranty (excluding labour and freight)