Solartherm Panel

Solartherm pool heating for home

The Solartherm Panel is made of HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) pipes specially coiled together using our proprietary welding machines and techniques to achieve a leak free panel that is tested to 75 psi. A one tonne vehicle driven over the panel will not crack or destroy the Solartherm Panel because of the mechanical properties of the High Density Polyethylene material used in the manufacturing of the panel.

one tonne truck over Solartherm Panel

The Solartherm Panel is suitable for use in all pre-heating applications using FREE SOLAR ENERGY from the sun. It represents a cost effective manner of harnessing the sun’s energy.

The Solartherm Solar Heating System requires less roof space

Solartherm Panel on roof

The adjacent before and after images show the standard, open matting systems which cover most of your roof, whereas after a Solartherm is installed less than half the roof is covered. Special SPIND OD40 HDPE fittings with no “O” rings are used to connect the panels together.

While the standard modular Solartherm Panel is suitable for most residential and commercial pre-heating applications, a smaller panel can be specially made to meet the requirements of smaller volume heating applications (eg. floor heating).