Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the Solartherm Pool & Spa Heating System different from the typical matting pool heating system?

Our panel is enclosed in an anodized aluminum box and covered by a hail resistant polycarbonate cover. This special system will ensure that the heat loss from windage is kept to a minimum.

What is the Panel made from and is it corrosion proof?

The Panel is made out of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes. The panels are individually pre-tested to 75 psi at the factory. The material is black and non-corrosive.

Why is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) a superior material for solar panels compared to other materials used by other pool heating suppliers?

HDPE is an unique material and is very durable. A one tonne truck driven over the panel will not destroy or crack the pipes.

I have an existing matting system, and I want to upgrade to the Solartherm system. Do I need to get a new pump?

In general, No, as long as your current pump is in good working order. Our panels are all tested to 75 psi so even though our system only requires a low pressure pump we can connect our system to a slightly larger pump which is generally used in the matting systems. Therefore saving you the expense of purchasing a new pump. The flow rate can be controlled by a ball valve.

When it rains, is there a drainage system in the unit to stop the water sitting in the box underneath, or is the unit water proof?

These is a small gap at the bottom of the backing sheet which allows the water to drain. The system is not totally waterproof.

Is the system difficult to operate?

No, the system is connected to a solar controller which does the work for you. During hand over you will be shown how to use this plus you will be given an instruction brochure.

Do the panels have to be installed on the roof?

No, it is possible for the panels to be installed on a frame on the ground with the panels raised to 25 to 30 degrees to receive the maximum solar heat. This frame can be designed so that it can be adjusted for summer and winter conditions. The panel can also be installed on a flat roof.